Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Benefits of Spaying Your Dog

When you first get a new dog, the last thing that you are probably thinking about is getting your new furbaby spayed. After all, who wants to put their child through an extra surgery? And why do people even spay anyway? You definitely don’t plan to allow your dog to breed with another dog. And you will ALWAYS have your eyes on her.

So why should you spay your pet?

Spaying (the terminology used to describe sterilizing a female dog) has several benefits. Female dogs who are spayed usually live a longer and healthier life. Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancers, which can be fatal in 50 percent of dogs.

Spaying your little girl will also prevent her from having to experience ‘shark week’, which can occur every three weeks in some breeds, and last around 3 weeks at a time. While going into heat is not exactly the same as a human menstrual cycle, it can cause your dog to bleed slightly, and can cause yowling and erratic behavior in the presence of males.

Also, spaying your furbaby costs significantly less than caring for a surprise litter of puppies. Each puppy needs food, time, vet visits, etc., all of which cost you more long term. And there are even low-cost spay/neuter programs available in middle Georgia, which can reduce the cost of your pet’s surgery.

Most importantly, spaying your pet helps prevent overpopulation and unwanted animals, which leads to mass euthanization (putting a dog down). Millions of cats and dogs wander the United States each year without a caretaker. These pets starve to death, are hit by cars, and often end up in animal control situations where they don’t make it out.

If you have a female dog that hasn’t been spayed yet, I strongly encourage you to look into a few of the lost-cost spay/neuter programs available in middle Georgia. Keep your pet safe and healthy, and prevent the deaths of unwanted pets.

Stay tuned to hear about why you should neuter your male dogs, and get some information about a few of the lost-cost spay/neuter programs in middle Georgia. You can sign-up for email updates on the latest blog posts on the right side of this blog.

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